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Gestures Here. Gestures There. Gestures Everywhere!

Kyle Poole, Thomas Bruketta at Chain React 2017

This talk digs into building rich touch interactions with React Native. There’s a deeper level than Touchable* components and PanResponders. Kyle and Thomas will uncover it, and show off its full potential! Touchable* components and PanResponder add the magic of touch to your React Native app. They are great for building basic interactions, but to build more complex ones, we need a deeper understanding of how gestures work in React Native. This talk peels back the layers of React Native’s gesture system, from higher level abstractions like Touchable*, to PanResponder, and finally to the thing powering it all: the Responder system. We’ll go through some of the more simple gestures, then showcase the full potential with custom ones, including bubbling and capture from multiple components. And with our demo app, the audience will be able to interact along with us. When attendees leave our session, they’ll feel empowered, not intimidated, by the many configuration options in (Pan)Responder. Equipped with a deeper understanding of gestures in React Native, they’ll be able to build immersive, rich touch interactions for their apps.