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Rewriting a Large Hybrid App with React Native

Javier Cuevas at Chain React 2017

In this talk we’ll share Gudog’s experience on rewriting our large Ionic / Cordova hybrid mobile app with React Native (using Ignite, redux, redux-saga & normalizr). Gudog is a p2p marketplace that connect dog owners and dog sitters in Europe. Our product is nearly as complex as other p2p marketplaces such as Airbnb in terms of features and numbers of screens. Our first mobile app was built in 2015 with Ionic (Angular.js based framework for building hybrid Cordova / Phonegap apps). This year we decided to rewrite it from scratch using React Native. We’ll share the reasons why we made some decisions regarding our new app and how we have layout our new architecture. As newcomers to RN as we were, one of the problems we face was the lack of RN / Redux examples for complex apps, i.e. more than 5 or 10 screens. We hope that by sharing our experience we can help others overcome this.