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Strategies For Using React Native In A Brownfield App

Harry Tormey at Chain React 2018

Hot reloading--the ability to push over the air updates to published apps and the promise of having your app “just work” out of the box on Android as well as iOS--make React Native a tempting proposition for frontend developers. But what do you do when you have to integrate React Native into a large existing native code base? This talk is from the perspective of an experienced native iOS developer who has worked with React Native to ship several cross-platform Greenfield and brownfield apps. Things I will talk about: - Overview of the challenges involved in integrating React Native into an existing app. - A real life case study integrating React Native into a native app with millions of users. - Strategies for passing data and events in a brownfield app. - Working with build systems like CocoaPods - How to do CodePush in a brownfield app - How to handle navigation in a brownfield app - Best practices for working with Native engineers - Example brownfield application