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CSS-Minsk-JS 2019

Sep 20 - Sep 21 | Minsk, Belarus
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CSS-Minsk-JS 2019 has 11 hours of content in JavaScript,   accessibilitycanvascsshtmljavascriptperformanceserverless and more.

CSS-Minsk-JS is the first Belarusian conference for front-end developers and UI specialists with all talks in English. The conference will last four days: CSS workshops (Sept. 18-19th), JS workshops (Sept. 19th), CSS talks (Sept. 20th) and JS talks (Sept. 21st). Also, 4 workshop sessions will be organized before the talks days (Sept. 19th). Speakers from Argentina, Austria, Belarus, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the UK, the USA and many more are coming to share their experience and knowledge and have a great time with Belarusian communities. Our main goal is experience and knowledge sharing in the international community. We support ideas of an open web, open-source software and free access to knowledge.

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