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International JavaScript Conference 2019

May 13 - May 15 | London, UK
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International JavaScript Conference 2019 has 9 hours of content in JavaScript, , , React,   javascriptnodereactvue and more.

JavaScript has come a long way from the early days of being a scripting language. Today virtually all software projects use JavaScript. Join our exciting sessions and workshops at International JavaScript Conference to take your JS skills to the next level. Angular, React, Vue.js, NativeScript, Electron, Node.js: Find out how to use JavaScript from frontend to backend, for native mobile, desktop apps, and even cloud native development. Build your own toolchain! JavaScript is constantly evolving. From latest best practices in single page applications to progressive web apps and serverless computing to blockchain development: Our renowned experts at iJS will bring you the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in JavaScript and enhance your JS knowledge where it matters.

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