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JS Kongress 2019

Mar 11 - Mar 12 | Munich, Germany
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JS Kongress 2019 has 8 hours of content in JavaScript  dockerfluxkubernetesmicro-frontendsmicro-servicesnodereactscalingtc39user-experiencewebpack and more.

The focus of JS Kongress 2019 on March 11-12 is the (r)evolution of Architectures. We will dig deeper into the role of JavaScript as a driving force for modern software and cloud architectures. Join us for two days in Munich, Germany to discuss the impact for us developers as well as companies and agile product development. Microservices, Data Driven Architectures, Event Sourcing, Stream-oriented architectures, Cloud Native Computing and API First are becoming first-class citizens in software architectures. Also, frontend architectures are improving quickly: reactive programming, redux and the art of state management.

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