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Pair Programming & Test Driven Development done right

Kevin Aubry, Lin Oon Kean at JSConf Asia 2019

So you’ve heard about Pair Programming, but how much do you really know about it? Few are aware of the complexities involved, resulting in a waste of money, siloed knowledge and even internal scuffles! With PALO IT’s 'Pair Programming Done Right', you will learn how to navigate this potentially chaotic practice. Join Kevin Aubry to discover how you can Pair Program the Agile way. To supplement your learning experience, you’ll also learn how to leverage on Test Driven Development to create even higher quality software in a fraction of time. In this session, attendees can look forward to: - A deep understanding of Pair Programming and Test Driven Development - Better software through faster feedback - Improved development speeds - Purpose-driven formulation of solutions - Higher job satisfaction and team morale - And more… Requirements: Bring a laptop. Have a recent Node.js, code editor and web browser installed. You'll need a Github account. Having the first-hand experience using various programming languages to design and implement software applications, complemented by his advisory position, Kevin has proven to be a valuable asset to numerous successful projects. Constantly keeping up with innovation and new technologies, he enjoys challenges that take him out of his comfort zone.