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Webassembly: Expectation vs. Reality

Patrick Walther at JSConf Asia 2019

Web Assembly has arrived in all major browsers. With it being in plain sight instead of hidden behind browser flags we can start and bring our high performance applications to the browser. In this workshop we’re going to look at the basics of Web Assembly and see what is already in the browsers today and what is yet to come. From there we will implement a real performance heavy task in our browser. We will compare the performance of our Web Assembly code to a plain JavaScript version. Afterwards you will be able to decide when to use Web Assembly and what specific performance benefits It will give you. Requirements: Bring a laptop. Have a recent web-browser, Git and NodeJS installed. If local wifi allows it we will be working with http-server package locally and access this from our smartphones. If not we might use a service like Zeit Cloud (https://zeit.co/now).