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  4. Deciphering Brainwaves with the Web Audio API

Deciphering Brainwaves with the Web Audio API

Braden Moore at JSConf Budapest 2019

Early last year, my colleagues and I did something amazing — using only JavaScript, the browser, and the Web Audio API, we were able to decipher brainwaves. It sounds sensational, but it’s (mostly) true. This is a story about how we converted brainwaves into audio signals — and then back again — to solve the problem of epilepsy diagnosis on the web. In this talk, you’ll get to see a new browser API being used in a novel and unprecedented way, combined with world-leading innovations in the field of epilepsy diagnosis. You’ll learn about the challenges of real-time brainwave filtering and how we solved them. As you’ll see, the technologies we use each day can sometimes be applied in unexpected ways. And sometimes, they make a huge difference in the lives of others. Come along for the journey as we decipher brainwaves in the browser.