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  4. Mastering UIs with Finite State Machines

Mastering UIs with Finite State Machines

Rubén Sospedra at JSConf Budapest 2019

Did you ever feel like monkey patching your UI component? Adding too many if/else, handling a lot of complexity or hacking several non-desired side effects. Did you ever have a problem with double-clicking an async button? Fetching multiple times the same resource in a row? Did you have problems translating UX interfaces and mock-ups into your applications scenes? All this kind of problems can be properly fixed by applying a different point of view. An architecture based upon Mealy state machines. Also known as finite state machines or automatas. These machines are deterministic, pure and idempotents. Opening a new set of possibilities from predictable components to autogenerated tests. Let's take a look to this new paradigm for UI components. You'll discover a better and cleaner world ;)