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JSConf Hawaiʻi 2020

Feb 5 - Feb 7 | Hawai, USA
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JSConf Hawaiʻi 2020 has 9 hours of content in JavaScript  accessibilityarchitecturedesignjavascriptmachine-learningreactsveltetestinguser-experience and more.

JSConf Hawaiʻi is the newest in the family of JSConf events. For our second year, we're planning to bring about 400 people together for a three-day single track conference. Our goal is that by the time you leave, you'll have seen some new ideas, learned some more JavaScript, and made new friends to keep in touch with. The small, single-track nature of the conference means that it's easy to figure out what to do! We'll have lots of time to meet your fellow attendees and share ideas outside of the sessions.

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