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React Native: the Past, the Present and the Future

Lorenzo Sciandra at React Advanced 2019

React Native is now 4 years old. During this time, we’ve observed more progression than ever before towards the vision of a cross-platform mobile solution. Even still, we have yet to realise its core mission of being as powerful as pure native. There have been many challenges that we’ve faced head on as they’ve surfaced. In overcoming them with the support of the community, we’ve managed to establish React Native as a force that is now defining the future of the segment. In this talk, we’ll explore this history-in-the-making before diving deeper into more technical subjects including the JSI & JSC upgrade, TurboModules & Fabric, and the CodeGen. With all the pieces of the puzzle in place and landing on master by end of the year, we are closer to reaching our original objective than ever before - while pushing the limits to a whole new level.