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Deploying atomic design system at scale

Nick Balestra at React Alicante 2017

While microservices is a common architecture for the backend, most frontends are still running as a monolithic application. Therefore building, deploying and consuming frontend components across a diversity of teams and web applications can be a daunting task, especially at scale. To address this issue, at OpenTable we enable fast-moving teams to easily build and deploy front-end components using OpenComponents, an open-source, battle tested, front-end microservice architecture for painless component delivery. Usually, micro-service architectures are unopinionated by nature, leaving tech-stack decisions to service owners. During this session I'll explain how OpenComponents works, how do we use it at OpenTable and how we allows teams to build ship and consume React components at runtime across teams and web applications with the ultimate goal of delivering atomic design system at scale. Related repo: https://github.com/opencomponents/oc