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Profiling React rendering performance

Sergey Ryzhov at React Alicante 2019

Rendering is not a common performance bottleneck in React applications. It’s more about large bundle sizes or slow network requests. At the same time rendering problems can be challenging to discover and mitigate. So when user experience gradually becomes more and more janky most of us just use an old-school debugging technique “comment out this line of code, refresh and see if something changed”. This is not optimal and there are better approaches to performance profiling. We are going to use Chrome Perfomance Tab and new React DevTools Profiler plugin to profile a real application. We will learn how to use these tools to identify rendering problems and make user experience really smooth. We are going to explore different React optimization techniques that allow us to avoid unnecessary rerenders or doing heavy computations on every render (memo, useMemo, useCallback). We are also going to touch how experimental Profiler component can be used to collect timing information and measure the "cost" of rendering.