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  4. The Case for Whimsy

The Case for Whimsy

Joshua Comeau at React Boston 2018

I wish the internet was more fun. The web is an incredible platform, and can do incredible things. This talk looks at novel, quirky, whimsical animations and interactions that make our products better and more enjoyable to use. For example, at Khan Academy, we fill the user’s screen with confetti rain when they get 100% correct on an exercise. I’ll talk about how we drew on 2D physics to make the confetti feel real. Make no mistake; while this talk straddles the line between engineering and UX design, this is very much a React talk. We'll look at how to abstract motion and whimsical behavior into reusable components, how to fold up the DOM like origami, and how to do SVG/canvas animation in a React-friendly way.