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Developer First – A New Leadership Mindset

Kate Wardin at React Boston 2019

People don’t leave companies, the saying goes, – they leave managers. As a technology leader passionate about the people side of software development, I have always been captivated by the impacts of great and horrible bosses; on the individual, team, and organization. Organizations will continue to face an increasingly difficult uphill battle as we try to recruit top technical talent. The unfortunate reality is that there simply are not enough qualified candidates for the increasing demand. Therefore, there is a dire need to significantly change our approach to leadership if we want to continue building and retaining strong, empowered, motivated, and loyal teams. Enter Developer First leadership. Developer First leadership is the drive to focus on the growth and advancement of your team members before yourself. This approach is centered around the idea that developers should not work for their leaders. Instead, their leaders must work for them! Kate will demonstrate how developer-first leadership can translate directly to the daily lives of technical leaders. Participants will leave with tactical methods to truly embrace the human side of software development and serve your teams as intentional, respectable, and inspiring leaders.