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React India 2019

Sep 27 - Sep 28 | Goa, India
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React India 2019 has 11 hours of content in React  apollobest-practicescommunitygraphqlperformancereactreduxstatestate-managementtesting and more.

React India is an international community-led non-profit initiative that provides a platform for developers to share and discuss their insights and experiences with React. The three-day conference is the first of its kind in India. The first of the three days will be focusing on workshops and the following two days will be dedicated to talks on topics revolving around React, React Native & GraphQL. The conference will bring together front-end and full-stack developers from across the globe to Goa, India. In this single track event, you will learn more about React and everything related to it while meeting some of the leading talents from around the globe in the developer community. In addition to enjoying the event, this is also your chance to explore Goa! Regular and lightning talks will cover various topics related to React.JS and FE, including React Native, GraphQL, VR and AR, Redux, Preact and more!

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