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React Live 2019

Sep 13 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
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React Live 2019 has 6 hours of content in React  design-systemreact-native and more.

React Live Conference is a unique chance to watch React & React Native experts implementing the latest tools, techniques and principles live on stage, on a 500m2 screen. A full-day, live-coding focused React Conference in the heart of Amsterdam. Come together on Friday the 13th September for a spooky React Conference style gathering of 1000 React and Javascript developers. With React and React Native experts and enthusiasts flying in from across the World to teach you and code - live on the biggest conference screen in the World. 13 Presentations from the World's React & React Native Leaders covering the newest releases, principles and tools to apply when building components with React including: State Management with React Hooks, Fabric, TurboModules and CodeGen as a de-facto standard, Design Patterns, Mobx and Rxjs, React 16+ updates, React Animations with SVG and more! React Live is a developer run and community driven React conference brought to you by Frontend Love.

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