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What is RNRF (react-native-router-flux)?

Pavlo Aksonov at React Native EU 2017

React Native is great product but lacks for stable, intuitive and easy navigation API during many years. Every year we see new, better API: Native Navigator, ex-Navigator, NavigationExperimental, ex-Navigation, wix native navigation, airbnb native navigation, ReactNavigation… Once I've started React Native development, in 2015, I created RNRF - simple API for easy navigation. It was clear that better navigation instruments will come later but I didn't want to change my code again and again to switch for better API. Every new major version of RNRF is based on different navigation framework and mostly preserves own API. Another goal was to represent all navigation flow within one place in clear, human-readable way - similar to iOS Storyboards concept. This way other engineers could understand your app flow faster. I want to talk about latest version (v4) of RNRF based on ReactNavigation and MobX and provide best practices. New version provides not only navigation solution but also proposes a way to manage your app state.