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The Power Of Process Automation

Alexander Kuttig at React Native EU 2020

We are developing an app based on ReactNative and Firebase for a customer. The app has around 1.8 million downloads and around 300k active users. We are running a three week release cycle with new A/B tests and new features in every release. The application has 99.8% sessions without crashes and a 4.6/4.7 star rating on the AppStores. All that is achieved with only two developers. I want to share some insights on how we are able to make this possible. We are able to focus most of the time on developing by automating all tasks which we are able to automate and have clear processes wherever possible. The talk will focus a lot on how to specifically automate task in the ReactNative environment. Some examples of things we automated: - PR quality checks - Unit testing (Jest) + Code styling (ESlint) + Typechecking - End user testing on real devices (AWS Device Farm + Appium) - Testing Builds + Shipment to customer - Production Builds + Shipment to stores - Integration of translation systems - Generation of sourcemaps and shipment to bug tracking system