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Human React

React is a great tool. But what really matters are the people that use our apps and the ways we can enrich their lives. React is also a large community that we need to fight to keep it welcoming, diverse, and inclusive.

Brian Holt at React Rally 2019

Hooks. Sagas. Synergy. Buzzword. Trend. Fad. We love to be in the now. We all want to thought leader on the Twitters. However we’re building apps for humans, not bringing humans to our code. Your neighbor doesn’t care of your TypeScript generics nor your observable operators. They care if your app works, is responsive to input, and is intuitively designed. We will build a monument to engineering folly, a tower of 6to5. We’ll explore engineering excellence that leads to UX failures. You’ll see that you must first remember the human and then shape your implementation to them, the users. Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/btholt/human-react