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React Native ❤ 60FPS -- Improving React Native

Krzysztof Magiera at ReactEurope 2016

Animations are one of the most important elements of modern, well-crafted mobile apps. Animation effects possible to achieve using native SDKs exceed by far the capabilities of mobile browsers, hence based on the quality of animations it is easy to tell the difference between truly native apps and ones that run in a webview. React Native provides several APIs for handling animations (layout animations, native navigator, Animated.js library). Some of them lets you directly leverage native SDK capabilities, others require round-trips over native-to-JS bridge. We will dive a little into implementation details of each of those methods to explain their limitations. I will also discuss native-animated-driver (the project I've been recently working on), and give some tips on how to make your React-Native app stay at 60FPS.