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Functional && Reactive

Preethi Kasireddy at ReactEurope 2017

With the advent of libraries like React, Redux and Immutable.js, it’s clear that there’s a shift away from imperative and object-oriented in the front-end towards a more declarative and functional approach. Meanwhile, libraries like RxJS and Mobx are spreading the use of Reactive Programming to model UIs via discrete, asynchronous event streams. How can we combine the best of both functional and reactive paradigms to model and build predictable UIs that control themselves? In this talk, Preethi will explain what “Functional Reactive Programming” is, how close React / Redux / Mobx / RxJs and others come in realizing Functional Reactive Programming, and what’s still fundamentally missing from these tools to achieve a true implementation of FRP. Lastly, she’ll describe when and why FRP is suitable (or not suitable) for building predictable and scalable UIs.