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Next generation state management

Michel Weststrate at ReactEurope 2017

Last years there have been great developments in state management libraries. Both Redux and MobX sprung from the React community and provide stand-alone, generic state management solutions. Both have gained big in popularity, and both have their own strengths and weaknesses. What can we learn from both approaches? Can we get the best of both worlds? Can we add a little Boabab and Cerebral to the mix? Is it possible to create a transparent reactive, snapshotable state container. With support for JSON patches, replayable actions, serialization, complex object graphs. With Redux & MobX compatibility, strong typing and runtime type checks out of the box. Get a glimpse of what next-gen state management might look like with mobx-state-tree. Largely designed by the MobX community and enforcing many best practices that have evolved over the last year.