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Scalability - React Native Architecture at @Wix.com

Omri Bruchim at ReactEurope 2020

Have you ever though using microservices approach in a FED\mobile application? hesitating to choose React Native for your big project? I’m here to eliminate the school of thought that React Native is mostly for small mobile applications. Wix started the journey with React Native with 4 developers and a few hundred lines of code, but grown a lot since and in order to enable ~100 Wix mobile developers, from 15 different teams, to easily integrate their code into the app, we had to rewrite the app’s architecture, implement new framework and think more like an OS to allow each team integrate their mini-app ("module") into the main Wix’s React Native mobile platform (aka "engine"). A simple analogy to better understand the relation between “Engine” & "Module", would be the same as Chrome & Extensions or iOS & Apps. This "Engine" includes principles like: Memory management & modules lazy loading, Communication channels between modules, Dependency management and code sharing.