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  4. An intro to DraftJS, and its immutable data model

An intro to DraftJS, and its immutable data model

Sai Kishore Komanduri at ReactFoo 2017

This talk shall focus on DraftJS, a rich text editor framework built for React apps; and how it leverages ImmutableJS; for managing the state of an editor in its entirety, with sufficient examples. The key takeaway insights of the talk include: - How DraftJS works under the hood — “What goes into”, and the “How to” of building rich text editors for React applications - How one can use ImmutableJS API, to manage DraftJS’s immutable data structures (apart from the DraftJS’ user-facing API) - The role of immutability for data models in your own application - The intended audience of the talk are JavaScipt developers who’re acquainted with ReactJS, who are either: interested in building rich text editors, or interested in learning about ImmutableJS, and the benefits of immutability, and immutable data in their apps.