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React Native: The Development Flow

Ritesh Kumar at ReactFoo 2018 Mumbai

React Native is slowly becoming the preferred choice for developing mobile applications. If you are already a web developer, you will find that most of the principles of coding remain the same as it uses the same design as React. But the development flow might feel a bit overwhelming for someone who is creating a React Native app for the first time. In this talk, I will describe the various tools and methods that can simplify your development workflow. I will talk about the whys and hows of debugging, performance optimizations and improved release cycles so that the next time you are developing a React Native application, you feel at home. This talk will involve the following: - Intro to RN (brief intro) - The description of the options available on the developer menu. - Hot reloading vs Live Reloading. (when to use what) - debugging code using react native debugger/reactotron - Getting rid of performance bottlenecks (identification and fix) - techniques to achieve the goal of faster release cycles. - The approach to fixing a production bug (codepush and how it can help)