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Delivering JS applications at scale

Santosh Grampurohit at ReactFoo 2019

Today we have many frameworks available for front end development. Frameworks play a large role in how apps get built and designed. In this talk we are going to focus on the design and architecture, module design and consideration, build & release process and on performance metrics. We used React for development of the project to host & support multiple applications. This meant that there will be multiple teams developing their applications, each having its own release cycles and codebases, and yet integrating all of them as single application with seamless user experience. We will start with UI architecture of the application and talk about component structure and granularity. Then we will look into the release process and continuous integration and deployment for supporting multiple teams and applications, and then look into the performance metrics. I have been working in developing JS applications for past few years. Currently, I work at Walmart Labs, improving products and solutions for business users. Previously, I had given a talk on “Webcomponents and Angular” in Google DevFest 2018 at Bengaluru.