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Reconceptualize your entire app as a function

Adam Terlson at ReactiveConf 2016

I will articulate what I have come to find to be a superior approach to building React applications — treating them as functions, not templates. I will introduce how to: - Separate the application you’re building and the platform its on from the components you write (Hey, that’s this one! Read on!). - Inject state into your application, and what a “container” aka “connected” aka “smart” component really is. - Implement more complex features by leveraging Higher Order Components and a compose function — it’s awesome. - Make your application UI understandable by looking at a single file, not dozens. - Make your codebase flat without sacrificing grokability. https://gist.github.com/adamterlson/7997795e4735f5c4a495c8dabd4c368a