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CSS as Bytecode

Richard Feldman at ReactiveConf 2017

Today we have languages like ClojureScript, BuckleScript, and Elm, which treat JavaScript as bytecode; they compile to it, but do not emulate its design. They make it possible to build an entire modern web app without knowing JS. Picture that same approach applied to HTML and CSS, and you've got elm-style: a library that doesn't have goals like "let's make vertical centering in CSS easier" but rather "let's scratch-build a layout and style system where vertical centering is innately easy. Where accessibility is natural and not an afterthought. Where it's as easy as possible to go from the design in your head to working software, and where you can maintain it once it's in production." It's now possible to ship an entire responsive, performant, accessible, web app without knowing JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. Come find out how!