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Privilege as a Technical Debt

Amr gives an excellent talk on privilege, diversity, and inclusivity. He adds the missing context to these terms, and shows how they can impact our products from a pragmatic perspective.

Amr Abdelwahab at ReactiveConf 2019

Belonging to an underrepresented group in the European tech scene myself, I most of the times struggle with colleagues who undervalue the principles of diversity and empathy. I realised that these topics are rarely debated within the tech scene logically and pragmatically without pointing fingers. Do you believe political correctness and empathy are buzzwords that limit the society rather than contribute to its advancement? Do you think talking about topics like diversity quotas, privilege doesn’t make much sense and you would rather spend this time talking about the latest in technology? In this talk I would like to take the chance to try and add the missing contexts to such terms and arguments, moreover, I will try to go through various examples on how it can impact your product from a very pragmatic prospective.