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Protecting your npm Dependencies

Christopher Laughlin at ReactiveConf 2019

As technology advances and the applications we build become more complex, the tools that we use to secure the data shared within these products need to follow suit. We need to ensure that we deliver a high standard of protection to users, allowing them them to seamlessly use the product without thinking about security or any potential threat. Even just a thought of any risk could lose us our customers’ trust and therefore millions in investment and in turn threaten our entire business as a whole (including our jobs). A security breach is a very real problem, both personally as an individual and professionally in a business sense. But we as developers can help fix this problem. In very recent years there has been a number of incidents involving npm dependencies pushing vulnerabilities to consumers or exposing data. This led to the npm team purchasing a security tool to prevent future incidents. These incidents can easily be stopped and further prevented from happening again. NPM is the first main carrier of personal information and it, therefore, should be where we start to repair these issues. In this talk, we will look back on the previous incidents and do a postmortem investigation on what happened, and how it could have been prevented. We will then take a further look into tools and products that can help protect our applications going forward and some basic best security practices that we all should follow, no matter our application.