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You Gotta Love Frontend 2019

May 16 - May 17 | Vilnius, Lithuania
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You Gotta Love Frontend 2019 has 10 hours of content in JavaScript,   cssperformance and more.

For the first time, YGLF is coming to the Baltics. With a growing industry, supported by a lively and passionate community of developers, it’s time YGLF brings some of its magic to Vilnius. Set to take place in the city center, in a freshly renovated, and somewhat hipsterish venue, we plan to bring you big names with irresistible talks and a whole lot of fun! YGLF is a series of community events built by developers for developers, a non-profit conference aimed at delivering high-quality content on the hottest topics that cutting edge front-end developers need to know. Bringing in internationally recognized speakers and attendees, with the young and vibrant atmosphere of the front-end community, YGLF creates a buzzling bustle of software engineers from around the globe.

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