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The Shady Secrets From The Dark Corners of Web Interfaces

Explore horrible, boring, and unique User Interfaces. Learn how design, usability, and UX intersect.

Vitaly Friedman at You Gotta Love Frontend 2019 Lithuania

On the web today, everything looks like everything else, unless it's unreadable, inaccessible, confusing and disruptive. How do we strike a balance between leaving a memorable impression and helping users with a convenient and familiar interface? Or, put differently, how do we break out of predictable and boring designs without breaking the usability and functionality of our experiences? In this talk, Vitaly will shed some light into a strategy of how to bring personality back to web design, and how we can make our experiences more humane, while also having a higher return on investment. We'll look into the good ol' UX nightmares and disruptive patterns, from annoying pop-ups to shady GDPR consent overlays; from unreadable CAPTCHAs to disturbing notifications. We'll explore how to design better carousels, complex tables, car configurators, seat selection, historical timelines and baseball tournament brackets. Beware: you might not be able to unlearn what you'll learn in this session. Bonus: you'll see some slightly dirty examples of things being done out there, so bring along some pragmatism to this talk.