1. React
  2. Byteconf React
  3. 2020
  4. A Gentle Introduction to Building Serverless Apps

A Gentle Introduction to Building Serverless Apps

A friendly introduction to Serverless computing around the MongoDB ecosystem for rapid application building.

Joe Karlsson at Byteconf React 2020

Do you want to crank out features the business wants, or spend a lot of time writing code and capacity planning for authentication, authorization, and complicated data access? Of course we all know the answer. In this session we'll begin a beginner friendly introduction to Serverless computing. We will then do a quick overview of the MongoDB ecosystem in the 3 major cloud providers for rapid application building. Then we will walk through a guided tutorial of how to use the MongoDB Stitch serverless platform to build your elastically scalable microservices based app within minutes, complete with end-user authentication and access rules, on a fully managed MongoDB cluster in your favorite cloud platform.