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Where and why people love 3D

Vasilika Klimova at CSS-Minsk-JS 2019

Why does 3D attract visitors? I want to tell you about the coolest features in 3D viewer. I would explain how you could do the same. You will see different ideas of real application 3D in the Web. I will show how to use Three.js library for these purposes. A lot of interactive beautiful and useful things! Dive to the terminology of 3D. Last years Artec3D is working on new features for the browser 3D player. I want to tell how easy it is to add cool features to Three.js 3D player. Also, I will share how you can use the capabilities of the Three.js library. What’s better to show to users of old browsers. I will tell you how to make environment map in your 3D scene. How to get rid of the blurring of the texture when the camera rotates or moves away. We will look at the impressive examples and be inspired.