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  4. The (Full)stack Trace: Understand Your App with Distributed Tracing

The (Full)stack Trace: Understand Your App with Distributed Tracing

Will Klein at JSConf US 2019

What if we could follow a user request, from a page load in the browser, to our backend, through our services, to the database, and back? What does it look like to see how our UI receives data and renders its views across a timeline? What happens when we put these traces together?! Distributed tracing is a collection of timings across the entire stack, for any given interaction. Whether it’s a page load or a button click, we can measure time for all of the work in the browser, server, and database. In this talk, we will learn the basics of distributed tracing, and how to get started with instrumenting both our frontend and backend in a real world application. You will walk away with the tools you need to setup distributed tracing from scratch, and ultimately, understand everything that happens when someone uses your app!