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React Navigation

Brent Vatne at React Amsterdam 2018

You start using React Native. Styling? Got it. Animations? A little different, but sure. Now let's add a navigation bar and another screen that we transition to... This is where you hit a fork in the road. You can either use a library that wraps the native navigation APIs for the platform or a re-implementation of those APIs using the same React Native primitives (View, Text, Animated, etc) that you use throughout your app. The former is commonly called “native navigation" because most of the implementation is in "native" and the latter is called "JavaScript-based navigation" because most of the implementation is in JavaScript. React Navigation is a "JavaScript-based" navigation solution and React Native Navigation is a "native" navigation library. The choice you make has a significant impact on your app, and it's something you will live with every day while you continue to work on the project. I lead the React Navigation along with the creator of the project, Eric Vicenti. I'll explain why we think that building a JavaScript-based navigation library is important, what the limitations are (why there is room for both categories of solutions), and I'll show you how to take full advantage of it.