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D3 and React, Together

Shirley Wu at ReactiveConf 2017

When we talk about D3 and React, the conversation often becomes: who should have control of the DOM? After all, React is a view layer and its whole purpose is managing updates to the DOM so we don't have to. D3, on the other hand, is a library for building data visualizations with web technologies - and sometimes, it too needs access to the DOM. So when should React have ownership, and when should D3? And stepping back, when should we even use D3 and React together? If all we want is a visualization, D3 is more than enough, so at what point do we need to add React to the mix? In this talk, I will give guidelines on when React should render to DOM, when D3 should instead, and the pros and cons of each approach. More importantly, I will cover the interactions and applications that will benefit the most from using D3 and React, together.