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Curious Use Cases of GraphQL

Nader Dabit at ReactiveConf 2019

As GraphQL moves into the mainstream, the tooling & ecosystem has grown and has made it possible to do much more with GraphQL than using it as just a data layer. In this talk, I’ll show how developers are using GraphQL as an API gateway to accomplish things that you may have never thought possible. More details: When we think of GraphQL at the resolver level, we typically associate some type of database as the resolver data source, but in practice a resolver is simply a function. What this means is that we can do much more with our GraphQL APIs & our resolvers than we ever thought possible, including things like taking existing REST APIs & transforming them into GraphQL APIs (http resolvers), passing the query to Lambda or serverless functions for processing & returning the response via a GraphQL query (for things like AI & ML), geospatial & time-based queries (passing the query to Elasticsearch), & even VR & AR apps (passing in user location / app info & using the subscription to transmit image assets). In this talk, I’ll walk through what this looks like in theory & in practice, demoing 4 different applications that implement this functionality & showing the code that make the magic happen.