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Full Stack Development in the Era of Serverless Computing

Nader Dabit at ReactiveConf 2019

Real-time & Offline-ready Serverless GraphQL with AppSync Building your own real-world, secure & scalable GraphQL API is a lot of work. With AppSync, robust GraphQL APIs including schema, resolvers, and data sources are created & configured automatically and instantly through either the AWS Amplify CLI or the AppSync console, abstracting away much of the complexity traditionally involved with setting up a new GraphQL backend. In this talk, I’ll demonstrate and discuss the more interesting and powerful functionality that AppSync offers and do so in a way that developers will walk away with a confident understanding of how AppSync works and can be extended to help them in their day to day. We’ll also create a real AppSync API & connect to a React application in a demo to demonstrate what we discussed in the talk in a live coding exercise, showing how to create queries, mutations & subscriptions directly from a client-side application.