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Hooking Up a Conference in Real-time with GraphQL

Nader Dabit at Chain React 2019

The problem: You're starting a conference. You announce the conference, start planning the venue, getting sponsors, & fielding talks. Things start getting serious, & before you know it you're overloaded with obligations. Oh, & you forgot: You also need a conference app! You don't just want any conference app; you want it to be fun, engaging, & a valuable addition to the attendees. How can you do this in the least amount of time? The solution: In this talk, I'll show how you can rapidly prototype, build, & deploy your app using GraphQL, React Native, & AWS AppSync so you can spend your time worrying about more important things in life. In addition to what you'd expect from a conference app, we'll be adding live chat so attendees discuss talks & speakers can field questions & interact with them in real-time. Slides/Repo - https://github.com/dabit3/conference-app-in-a-box https://github.com/dabit3/chainreact-admins